Buy tools online
What’s the best way to buy tools? Do you buy second hand from TradeMe and risk buying stolen property? Do you go into your local hardware store and enjoy the security of knowing you’re buying legitimate tools with warranties but paying a premium for it? Or should you
auto rebar tool
One of the most repetitive and time consuming tasks on site is rebar tying. With thousands of junctions to be tied, an automatic rebar tier will save huge amounts of time and decrease risk of repetitive injuries. The Rebar Master offers significant time savings and a consistently secure
tool maintenance
Tools are expensive and budgets are tight, so you need to perform tool maintenance. If you want your tools to last, you need to look after them. Here are four simple tool maintenance tips that will ensure your gear will last as long as possible. Store Your Tools
SENCO compressor
This trade-quality compressor is full of excellent design features. Thoughtfully designed with commercial users in mind, this SENCO compressor outperforms its predecessor and sets the bar high against its competitors. This SENCO PCNZ2 compressor offers a host of features. Cast iron cylinders and the oil splash down design
tool storage
’A place for everything, and everything in its place’ is a saying that any tradie has heard hundreds of times. If you store tools properly, you won’t have to waste time looking for what you need, or risk damaging expensive equipment. For generations, New Zealand sheds have been
Senco provides quality, reliable and competitively priced tools for builders and other industry professionals. SENCO is an established supplier of electric, pneumatic, gas and battery powered fasteners. It’s a trusted brand that has a range of applications across the building, joining, and automotive industries. As well as providing
The question shouldn’t be ‘Why do I need health and safety equipment’, but ‘What health and safety gear do I need to stay safe?’ The number one cause of accidents while using tools is inattention. You’re doing a task you’ve done hundreds of times and you’re not paying