Why You Should Start Buying Tools Online

What’s the best way to buy tools? Do you buy second hand from TradeMe and risk buying stolen property? Do you go into your local hardware store and enjoy the security of knowing you’re buying legitimate tools with warranties but paying a premium for it? Or should you be buying tools online and get cheap prices with full warranties?

Buying Second Hand Tools

A cheap way to buy tools is buying them second hand. You can buy used tools from pawn brokers, off TradeMe, or from auctions. There are three issues with buying second hand tools: you don’t know their history and if they are damaged, they have no warranty, and it’s often difficult to determine if they have been stolen.

To check if something is stolen, there is no 100% fool proof way. You can go to http://www.stoleme.co.nz/ and check to see if the tool has been lodged as stolen, but this is dependent on people listing the tools in the first place. If you suspect something might be stolen goods, take the serial numbers of the tools into the police.

Do you know the tool has been stored securely? Or, has it been loose in the back of a truck for months, getting damaged? You can see external rust, but there’s no way to easily tell is the inside of a power tool is corroded. Worse, if it is faulty- there’s no warranty.

Buying Brand New Tools from Retailers

There are a range of retailers that sell tools. Every chain has a different agreement with their suppliers, so they will offer different brands and different prices. Traditional stores have overheads such as rent and salaries to pay, so their prices are at a premium. However, you do get the security of a warranty and the ability to chat with the sales people about the best options for you.

It is worth keeping an eye out for sales, often shops will offer package deals or kits. This saves money and often means you can buy a tool which you didn’t even know you needed.

There are also loyalty programs which can reward you for your spend or offer discounts.

Buying Tools Online

With internet shopping being safer than ever, buying tools online is easy. The online retailer lacking rent and overheads makes buying online a significantly cheaper option than going into a store. However it’s important to check the site is legitimate, and offers quality brands. Do your research; see if they are a reputable brand and legitimate site.

Check they offer a warranty and have policies that are based around the consumer guarantees act. Are the tools parallel imported, or are they genuine? Here at NZFasteners, we offer only genuine tools, and manufacturer’s warranty. Make sure you are buying the real deal.

Handy Tips

Try to buy only one brand of power tools. This means that you have interchangeable chargers and battery packs, making it easier and cheaper to buy tools.

Reconditioned tools are another option, but the quality of the reconditioning- and the state the tool was in beforehand- vary wildly. A factory reconditioned tool might be more thoroughly checked than a new tool, or it could have been minimal. Let the buyer beware!



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