Health and Safety Equipment is Important to Keep You Injury-Free

The question shouldn’t be ‘Why do I need health and safety equipment’, but ‘What health and safety gear do I need to stay safe?’

The number one cause of accidents while using tools is inattention. You’re doing a task you’ve done hundreds of times and you’re not paying attention, and suddenly, something unexpected happens and you are injured. Anyone on a building site or workshop will have seen an accident happen, and every time, it’s obvious what is going to happen, but that moment of neglect when someone takes a shortcut or is careless is when it happens.

That’s why you need to wear health and safety gear. You can’t be vigilant every second of every day, and nor can you guarantee the actions of those around you.  A basic PPE (personal protective equipment) kit prevents accidents and saves you skin- and maybe even your life.

PPE Kit Gloves

The work gloves you need depend on the task at hand. If you are working in a chiller, or outside on frosty mornings, you need gloves that provide warmth but still provide grip. Our ‘black knight’ gloves are lined, yet still have excellent grip. The thin coating repels water yet allows you to still be able to feel what you’re doing. On the other hand, our blue polycotton gloves have a thicker coating, making them less suitable for detail work but providing more protection from tears and punctures.  We have a large range of health and safety suitable gloves for every situation- from riggers to ½ finger gloves for fine control.

health and safety kit gloves

PPE Kit Safety Glasses

Another basic PPE kit item, you will need two pairs of glasses. Tinted ones for outdoor use, and non-tinted for inside. They must sit comfortably on your head and wrap around the side to protect your eyes from sparks or fragments of construction material. Our range of Teng and Ugly Fish anti-fog glasses are light, comfortable, and are affordable- because they will get scratched. Our shaded glasses are in a black graphite-coloured grey, and the clear lenses come in a range of colours and prices.

health and safety kit safety glasses clear

PPE Kit Hot Weather Gear

In NZ, the sun burns quickly, especially if you’re on a roof all day. Sunscreen is the gold standard but you have to stop and reapply regularly and it can make your hands greasy. Wearing long sleeved shirts and a hat may not be glamorous but they save you from sunburn. This hat brim fits over your hard hat and provides a wide brim to keep the sun out of your eyes, and a flap to keep your neck from sunburn. This cooling bandanna is designed to be soaked in water and then placed on your head under a hard hat, helping to keep you cool in the heat of the day.

Cooling bandanna health and safety kit

PPE Kit Cold Weather Gear

The other extreme of NZ weather is the cold. We have a range of gear to help keep you warm on those sub-zero early morning starts. This work jacket has all the bells and whistles to keep you warm and dry when the southerly hits. We also have a range of balaclava/ face covers designed to be worn under or over helmets to keep the cold from sneaking through your collar.

health and safety kit balaclava

There is so much more that a basic PPE kit needs- ear muffs, ear plugs, helmets, safety fluorescent vest, and steel caps too- but we’ve got you covered for most.

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