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Double Sided Foam Tape 1.1mm x 18mm x 10M

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ORAMOUNT Ð 1.1 mm Thick PE Foam Ð Acrylic Premium Permanent Acrylic Adhesive Double Sided Tape ¥High Initial Adhesion & excellent shear strength. ¥ Very good resistance to UV temperatures (- 40¡c to 80¡c) chemicals solvents & humidity. ¥ Excellent long life durability when attached to metal plastics glass & high surface energy substrates. ¥Good durability bonding to low surface energy surfaces. ¥ Excellent self-adhesive medium for plastic trim automotive profiles & badge attachment signs & solar panel exterior bonding. RELEASE LINER: PLASTIC FILM ADHESIVE: MODIFIED SOLVENT ACRYLIC (AM2) CARRIER: BLACK POLYETHYLENE FOAM ADHESIVE: MODIFIED SOLVENT ACRYLIC (AM2) TOTAL THICKNESS: 1100 MICRONS FOR BONDING: SMOOTH TO SEMI-TEXTURED SURFACES APPLICATION: PERMANENT