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GROZ 100-240V AC ELECTRIC DRUM PUMP With 100V-240V AC, 50/60Hz Dual Voltage Electric drum pump designed for pumping fuels, water based media, light oils, DEF & selected chemicals. DELIVERS UPTO 18.9LPM / 5GPM Motor Type: DC Brush Motor (5 Pole) AC Power Adapter Input: 100 to 240V AC, 50/60 Hz Output: 12V DC Constant Voltage, 3A max Max. Viscosity of Media: 100 cst Temperature: 5¡ to 40¡C (41¡ to 104¡F) ¥ Compact & lightweight construction. ¥ Convenient ON/OFF Switch with LED Indicator. ¥ Built-in fuse for overload protection. ¥ Silenced motor makes almost no noise. ¥ Stainless steel filter built into the suction tube inlet prevents contaminants from getting in & causing damage. ¥ Telescopic suction tube extends from 33-1/2in (850 mm) to 49in (1245 mm) for use with 55 gallon (205 litre) drums or 275-330 gallon (1000-1250 litre) IBCÕs. ¥ Built-in 2in bung adaptor fits directly onto 55 gallon (205 litre drums). Bung adapter can be adjusted by 0.6in (15 mm) to adjust to drums with varying heights. Includes an additional bung thread converter for converting 2in standard bung threads to 2.5 x 5 buttress for using pump with plastic drums & IBCÕs. ¥ Supplied complete with 2m (6.6ft) hose & manual dispensing nozzle with 3/4in (19 mm) OD Stainless Steel Spout. ¥ Duty Cycle: 15 minutes On / 15 Minutes Off. WETTED COMPONENTS: Viton, POM, Stainless Steel, PE, NBR, Zinc, PP. RECOMMENDED USE: Diesel, Kerosene, Bio Diesel, DEF, Adblue, Water based media, Antifreeze, Detergents, Light oils with viscosity upto 100 cst. NOT TO USE WITH: Gasoline, Corrosive chemicals, Lacquer thinners, any material that is not compatible with the pump construction.