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Holemaker Pro 40 Magnetic Base Angle Drill 310Rpm

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HOLEMAKER 40 MAGNETIC BASE ANGLE DRILL 1100W / 310RPM A Low profile angle drive machine providing a constant working height of 181mm. The HM40AD utilises standard Slugger Cutters ensuring a wide range of cutters are always available. The feed handle can be easily changed to either side or removed for use with a socket wrench on the hex drive. Coolant is supplied to the cutter through the spindle by attaching the remote coolant feed bottle. *12mm twist drill capacity using Weldon shank twist drill bits. Specifications: Capacity (Dia): 40mm Capacity (DOC: 25mm Motor Power: 1020watt Input Power: 1100Watt 240V Speed: 310RPM Weight: 11.1kg Magnetic Dead Lift: 9500Nm on 25mm Steel Plate Height: 181mm Constant Working Height