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Luna Air 15Pc 1/2in Dr. Impact Wrench

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LUNA AIR 15PC 1/2IN DR. IMPACT WRENCH SET ALUMINIUM HOUSING WITH PIN CLUTCH ¥ High quality impact wrench with reversible action. ¥ Ideal for diverse work within the automotive sector with high tightening and loosening torque. ¥ The tightening torque is adjustable in three different positions. ¥ Manufactured of aluminium. ¥ Pistol model with exhaust handle. ¥ Equipped with variable throttle and swivel air intake 360¡ for easy management of the machine and air hose. ¥ The grip surfaces are made up of user-friendly rubber and are recessed in the handle for the best comfort and design and which also insulated against the cold and reduce vibrations. ¥ Machines are balanced to capture the vibrations from the high impact force in the best possible way. ¥ Supplied in plastic case with 9 power sockets 3 extended sockets with plastic cover extension and mist lubricator.
Socket Drive 1/2 inch
Standard Socket Dimension 10 11 13 15 16 17 18 19 21mm
Extended Socket Dimension 17 19 21mm
Extension Bar Length 125 mm
Bolt Capacity M10-M18 mm
Speed 6900 rpm
Max. Tightening Torque (3 steps) 375 / 500 / 625 Nm
Max. Tightening Torque (3 steps) 276 / 368 / 460 ft-lb
Max. Release Torque 640 Nm
Max. Release Torque 473 ft-lb
Impact Mechanism Pin Clutch Type
Sound Level (ISO 8662-7) 95.4 dB (A) Vibration (ISO 15744:1999) 3.15 m/s?
Rec. Hose Dimension 3/8 inch
Connection Thread 1/4 G (R)
Air Consumption:
at 100% duty cycle.* 887 l/min
at 15% duty cycle.* 133 l/min
at 100% duty cycle.* 14.8 l/s
at 15% duty cycle.* 2.2 l/s
Machine Weight 2.41 kg * @ 6.2bar (90psi)