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Measure Wheel Model 1000 Economy

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Measure Wheel Model 1000 Economy ¥Trigger Brake. ¥Metric Increments 100mm ¥Metric Measures to 9 999.9 m or (10Km) ¥ Folds in Half Push Button Release Clip. ¥Push Button Zero Reset. ¥Kick Down Side Stand. ¥Wheel Circumference 1m ¥Wheel Diameter 318mm ¥Heavy Duty. ¥2 year Guarantee. ¥ Debris Scraper. ¥Available in Metric or Imperial. ¥Weight 2.10kg ¥ Imperial Increments 1/10 ft ¥Imperial Measures to 9 999.9 feet ¥Balanced In Line Movement. ¥Wheel Runs On Sealed Roller Bearings.