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PCS Petrogard Pvc Overwrap Tape 50mm x 30M (Black)

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PCS PetroGard Overwrap Tape PetroGard Overwrap Tape is an integral component of the PCS PetroGard System. PetroGard Overwrap Tape is based upon a stabilised and plasticised PVC Film coated with an anti fungal pressure sensitive natural rubber based adhesive. Product Characteristics: PetroGard Overwrap Tape exhibits wide ranging resistance to acids alkalis and bacteria PetroGard Overwrap Tape will afford increased mechanical and dielectric strength when applied over PetroGard Petrolatum Tape. Product Uses: Pipeline: Above ground below ground & submerged pipe & fittings Other: Duct sealing duct jointing electricians tape temporary leak repair of damaged dpipes/drums. Product Properties: Property / Test Method / Value Tensile Strength / ASTM D1000 / 3.15kg/cm (average) Elongation at Break / ASTM D1000 / 200% (average) Thickness / ASTM D751 / 0.2mm (average) Adhesion to Steel / ASTM D1000 / 0.12kg/cm Adhesion to Self / ASTM D1000 / 0.12kg/cm Breakdown Voltage: 10kV (55% Overlap) Application Temperature: -10 to 60¼C Service Temperature: -10 to 60¼C Service Life: 30 Years Shelf Life: 30 Years