Simple Green Lime Scale Remover 3.78L

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Simple Green Lime Scale Remover 3.78L Simple Green Lime Scale Remover offers just the right balance… it s strong enough to effectively tackle that dreaded cleaning task of removing hard water mineral deposits and it s mild enough to protect surfaces from the damage that harsher removers can cause. The mild buffered acid in Simple Green Lime Scale Remover – commonly used in the cosmetic industry – provides an important difference from other scale removers; which can strip protective finishes from porcelain tile and plumbing. The new de-scaler – with the strength quality and thoroughness customers have already come to trust in products with the Simple Green name – is specially formulated to effectively dissolve and remove mineral deposits hard water stains and soap scum. Features: • Safely remove even long-term scale and scum build-up from a variety of surfaces including porcelain ceramic tile glass aluminum stainless steel chrome and more. • Descales equipment including HVAC components pipes hoses tanks storage systems spray rack systems washing machines and more. • Eliminates mineral deposits throughout kitchens and break rooms including sinks faucets drinking fountains coffee pots and dishwashers. • Removes soap scum and water stains from bathrooms locker rooms spas and beauty facilities including sinks toilets drains showers steam rooms and saunas. •Increases efficiency and restores clarity to landscaping equipment and building exteriors including spigots sprinklers lighting windows furniture and more.

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