Drywall Power Sanding Super Pads 225mm 24 Grit (pack 5)

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The 225mm diameter useit®-Superpad P is specifically designed for use with power sanders.
In contrast to ordinary sanding pads, useit®-Superpad P is perforated across its entire surface.
This allows the sanding dust produced to be removed by suction across the entire surface.
The patented Velcro-type system on the rear side of the sanding medium
allows the sanding dust to be removed between the backing plate and the sanding disc,
significantly reducing the amount of dust at the workplace.

With its perforations useit®-Superpad P particularly prevents clogging. This results in higher
sanding performance, a shorter sanding time and more effective working.

• Full-surface dust extraction –
• no clogging –
• dust and fatigue-free working –
• environmentally friendly –
• cost-saving thanks to more efficient surface sanding performance.
• Pack of 5 x 24 grit pads

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