Holemaker Pro50 Mag. Base Drill 1260W/200 & 400Rpm

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HOLEMAKER PRO 50 MAGNETIC BASE DRILL 1300W / 200 & 400RPM The ability to use Holemaker Cutters No. 2 Morse Taper Shank Drills & Reamers as well as a drill chuck (Optional Accessory – SA20102) makes this a very versatile machine. Satisfying most requirements with a capacity of 52mm Diameter & 52mm Depth of cut when using Holemaker cutters and 23mm diameter using taper shank drills or reamers. An industrial 2 speed gearbox and 1260w motor provide a strong hardworking machine. Cast iron construction. Handles can be easily changed from left to right hand operation. Side mounted gravity feed coolant system. Suitable for steel fabrication engineering workshops & maintenance facilities where a heavy duty versatile machine is highly beneficial. Coolant Tank Capacity: 450ml SPECIFICATIONS: Capacity (Diameter – max) – 52mm DOC (Depth of Cut – max) – 52mm Height (min / max) – 426mm / 579mm Capacity (Twist Drills) – #2 Morse Taper 23mm Motor Input Power – 1300 Watt Motor Output Power – 1260 Watt Speed – 2 Speed 200/400 rpm Magnet Dead Lift – 12000Nm (25mm steel plate) Weight – 16.5kg

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