Tool Review: RebarMaster XtraPower Rebar Tool

One of the most repetitive and time consuming tasks on site is rebar tying. With thousands of junctions to be tied, an automatic rebar tier will save huge amounts of time and decrease risk of repetitive injuries. The Rebar Master offers significant time savings and a consistently secure tie, making the job easier, safer, and better.

auto rebar tool

Why Use a Rebar Tool?

The traditional way of rebar tying is a time-consuming manual process. This is a task that requires reasonable skill to do the job correctly. Getting the ties on the right angle and ensuring they are tied tight enough is important to get a quality, stable, safe end product.

However the bending, repetitive movement, and twisting wrists and hands make this task problematic and prone to injury and pain. The first generation rebar tool still required manually inserting wire, and the twisting motion from the tool was a potential hazard for fingers. The new generation of rebar tool takes away all the issues and all the hard work, making this boring task easier and safer.

Why You Should Use the RebarMaster XtraPower Rebar Tool

Tie consistency

This tool takes the guesswork out of rebar tying. With up to three wraps per tie, you can be assured the tie is stronger than any single tie done by hand. Consistency is incredibly important, and this rebar tier tool offers the exact same tie, every time. This means the quality of the overall build is greatly increased and far more secure.

Less Prone to Repetition Injury

The simple motion of placing the tool down over the junction and pressing the trigger, and the wrap is done. No twisting the wrist, no fingers near the wire. The tool itself weighs only 2.15kg, minimising the strain on the worker and allowing use of only one hand.

Speed of Work

The speed of the tie is vastly superior to anything done by hand. At 0.8 second per tie, this saves considerable time on any size of project.

Long Battery Life

The RebarMaster rebar tool has a lithium ion battery that will last for between 2100 and 3400 ties. A quick-charge battery means you only need 2.5 hours to full recharge the battery, ready for another days work. Two batteries are supplied with the tool, meaning you can easily get 5000 ties done without the need for charging, perfect for unpowered sites.

Ease of Use

This rebar tool is simple to load and use. To load, it’s simply a matter of placing the roll in the machine, inserting the wire in the guide, and feeding it through. A slight adjustment to remove the tape from the wire roll and then making the tension tight, snapping the plastic guard back on, and you’re ready to go. A power switch livens the machine and the safety lock means that an accidental trigger touch won’t result in injury.

There is a self-lock at the tip, so unless the tip is in the right place, the wire won’t fire. This means less jamming, less potential for injury, and a more consistent tie.

Overall, this RebarMaster Xtrapower Rebar tool is excellent. Easy to use, safe, and saves hours of time on site, every job.

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  1. This shares a nice information on rebar tool and its uses. It would benefit construction workers who do rebar bending, cutting and tying manually which is back breaking work. Thanks for sharing this with us!

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