Tool Review SENCO Compressor: PCNZ2 16L 2 HP Stationary Compressor

This trade-quality compressor is full of excellent design features. Thoughtfully designed with commercial users in mind, this SENCO compressor outperforms its predecessor and sets the bar high against its competitors.

This SENCO PCNZ2 compressor offers a host of features. Cast iron cylinders and the oil splash down design work to extend the life span of the pump. The 2 horsepower induction motor runs at 2840 RPM, powered by a direct drive pump, which is an incredibly efficient design. The whole motor is industrial grade with ball bearings for more durability and a longer lifespan.

For the New Zealand climate, it has a 5.9 draw motor that starts easily on those cold winter mornings.

The control panel has been designed thoughtfully with the user in mind, and as a result it’s simple and easy to use. It also has manual reset overload protection to keep you safe.

But does it deliver on its claims?

SENCO compressor

Usability of SENCO Compressor

The low centre of gravity and compact design makes this compressor simple to transport without tipping. It fits under a standard ute cover. With its cushion grip handle and only weighing in at 36kgs, it’s light enough that it can easily be lifted onto the back of a ute or moved around houses and up and down floors easily. It also has rubber feet for extra stability and to decrease risk of damage to surfaces. It has twin couplers, allowing two tools to be used simultaneously. Possibly one of the most important features is that this compressor is quiet enough to be used inside. Reviewers consistently have reiterated that this compressor is incredibly quiet, at about 80 decibels.

It’s easy to fill the oil, with the oil tank jutting out the side. This is important, as you want to maintain a tool of this value to last as long as possible.

Technical Ability to Get The Job Done

The capacity of the dual tanks is 16L, being able to get pressure up to 145 PSI.

It does take a few minutes to get the air pressure up from starting, and the recharge rate is around 17 seconds.

This SENCO Compressor is Ideal For:

This compressor is perfect for brad nailers, pin nailers, and light trim/ punchless applications. Any finishing jobs or small fit-outs, this is perfect. If you want a heavy duty compressor for big jobs, this is not the compressor you need. However, if you need something that’s easy to carry across sites or up and down stairs, this is an ideal option.

With a 12 month warranty, this SENCO compressor is a great addition to your kit. It is a workhorse, and will run efficiently for many years. This compressor is good value for money, is well built, and gets the job done. Overall, users are happy with this product, in particular with the quietness and recharge rate.


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