Senco Quality tools

Senco Quality tools

SENCO, the Brand You Can Trust for Quality Tools in New Zealand

Senco provides quality, reliable and competitively priced tools for builders and other industry professionals.
SENCO is an established supplier of electric, pneumatic, gas and battery powered
fasteners. It’s a trusted brand that has a range of applications across the building, joining, and automotive industries. As well as providing tools, they also supply high-quality fasteners including brads, screws, nails, and staples.

Who Are SENCO?

Spring trap Eliminator Company was founded in 1935, starting out in the basement of founder Albert Julif’s home. He created a spring tramp eliminator that resolved a common vibration problem in cars at the time, and in doing so, started a reputation for creating innovative devices.
In 1948 he created the first staple gun for use by upholsterers. In 1951, he joined with two other men to create the first pneumatic stapler. Springt ramp Eliminator Company shortened its name to ‘SENCO’ and started the journey to where they are today. They expanded their range to include pneumatic tools and fasteners for a range of industries. In 1955, SENCO started shipping their innovative technology overseas, and built many manufacturing plants US-wide.
A constant evolution and research process has continued throughout the decades, resulting in cutting-edge technology that is reliable and always at the forefront of innovation. In 2012 SENCO acquired Expandet, and then in 2017 SENCO was acquired by Kyocera Corporation. SENCO now employ 600 staff over 15 global locations.

What Makes SENCO so Good?

SENCO have a long history of creating products for a particular need, and manufacturing them in-house to ensure a high-quality, reliable tool. They are still manufactured in the United States, offering a quality of construction and parts that you can trust.
They have three product lines, making it easy to choose the right tool for the right job. The Xtreme Pro series are designed for demanding tasks and constant use in industrial applications. The SemiPro series offers a range for occasional and low volume users, perfect for lesser-used tools and home use. The cordless range of nailers use self-contained compressed air that provides pneumatic power without the need for a traditional pneumatic setup.

SENCO versus Dewalt, Ryobi, Hitachi. And Bostitch

Among its contemporaries, SENCO holds its own. They offer a range of features that surpass their more expensive contemporaries and at a price point that is effective for professional users. SENCO are consistent, with a low rate of misfires and jamming. While other brands may have outsourced construction, SENCO tools are built in the USA, and never parallel imported. You know you have a full warranty to back up a quality tool.

What Tools do SENCO offer ?

SENCO offer a range of nailers, staplers, compressors and screw systems as well as nails, staples and screws. These have a range of applications, including flooring and decking, upholstery, furniture and woodworking, and building operations. From framing and sheathing to roofing and metal framing, they have tool for the job. With warranties up to five years long, you can be assured that SENCO’s quality tools will be reliable across thousands of uses and hundreds of tasks.

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