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HAMMAHAND® Ecko Weatherboard Coil Nailer WB75

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ECKO wants make your life as easy as possible.

Ecko Fastening Solutions have come up with a variety of solutions to get your jobs completed quickly, and easily. The ECKO weatherboard nailer is a perfect solution for the building industry. In the past, timber weatherboards had to be nailed by hand, and the job was tedious and time consuming as well.

To make it easier and faster, invest in the weatherboard nailer range. This nailer is perfect for applications including soffit lining, cavity battens, pine decking, fencing, and timber weatherboard installation. It's available in jolt head and round head. You can choose from stainless steel or galvanised nails, and you can use wireless or welded coils. It weighs 2.88 kg and can be used for a variety of manual tasks.

Save 80 percent of your labour and time and make your site a more productive one with the Ecko weatherboard nailer.


All James Hardie building products
Tile and slate underlay Soffit lining
Ply bracing
Fence palings
Cavity battens Pine decking
HaRAB¨ board Home RAB¨ Hardie


Fastener diameter: x W132 x H316 2.88 Kg
Operating pressure: 120psi
Magazine capacity: 300 nails
Fastener Length: 27 - 75mm

* Endorsed by James Hardie for all the James Hardie building products
* TripleGripTM nail
* Save up to 80% in time and labour
* Covers a wide range of manual applications
* Accepts both wire welded and WirelessCoil
  nails without any adjustment
* Light weight, magnesium body
* Tough nail magazine cover
* Blow moulded carry case